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Let us stick with the subject consumers and the retail and see some weak signals:


· Single-use plastics

· Last mile

· Cashless payments

· Consolidation of c-store industry

· Tobacco/vaping/marijuana

· Electric vehicle market

· Dollar stores

· Starbucks and high-end coffee

· Fast casual restaurants

· Direct-to-consumer CPG products

Weak signals in the past, related to the first three trends looked like the following :

1. The first state in the US to ban plastic bags in retail was California in 2014.

2. In London, tech startup Weezy launched a 15-minute grocery delivery service that relies on electric scooters and bicycles. 2013, goPuff has expanded a similar model across America’s college towns.

3. Amazon Go stores were conceptualised and tested by a team of Amazon executives in Seattle, before revealing the work in 2015. The first store, located in the company's Headquarters opened to employees on December 5, 2016.

What could be some more weak signals regarding the rest of the above

list ?

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