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Hi to all, I would like to start a discussion about the future of the consumers and the retail ?

Consumers continue to evolve. The model of shopping that begins and ends with a single trip to a local store is gone. Retailers must meet buyers where they are and that has implications for how they do business, where they set up shop and how a storefront looks—if there even is a storefront.

For many products, shopping now starts with online research—checking out features, pricing, user reviews, and availability. Increasingly, this is where the transaction culminates, too—with the click of a “Buy Now” button.

Going forward, however, the prospects for e-commerce remain strong as retailers continue to leverage technology to drive sales growth. Big data, AI and chat-bots combine to provide a more personalised shopping experience, while mobile apps, voice search and subscription services make the process faster and easier.

How do you see the signals for this future ?

Jana Lingruen
Hanna Jertz
Hanna Jertz
Feb 02, 2022

I think we will increasingly shop online and have chat bots who create a personalised atmosphere. Shopping has become a lot about convenience, health (safety and hygiene) and experience.

You can definitely create an experience through online shopping and for instance through virtual shopping experiences with VR or AR technology and the meta verse ( ). Experiences can be stimulated and the more we develop, we can add socialising and sensory elements. Now, many developments are new and exciting.

However, I believe that the personalised factor is still missing... Like when I go to the market and go to a specific cheese stall. The seller always talks a lot.... like A LOT.... and imagine that with every customer.... yet, people go to get his products because (of course the quality is good) but also because he takes the time to chat with you and make you feel special. And helps me to calm down and become mindful of time, not only going from place A to B quickly.

I believe that these "random" meet-ups are still lacking.



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