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Hi to all, I would like to start a discussion about the future of the consumers and the retail ?

Consumers continue to evolve. The model of shopping that begins and ends with a single trip to a local store is gone. Retailers must meet buyers where they are and that has implications for how they do business, where they set up shop and how a storefront looks—if there even is a storefront.

For many products, shopping now starts with online research—checking out features, pricing, user reviews, and availability. Increasingly, this is where the transaction culminates, too—with the click of a “Buy Now” button.

Going forward, however, the prospects for e-commerce remain strong as retailers continue to leverage technology to drive sales growth. Big data, AI and chat-bots combine to provide a more personalised shopping experience, while mobile apps, voice search and subscription services make the process faster and easier.

How do you see the signals for this future ?

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