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S&T&I for 2050

The project explores potential futures of STI directions in relation to ecosystem performance as interpreted by three perspectives of human-nature relations: protecting and restoring ecosystems, co-shaping socio-ecological systems, and caring within hybrid collectives.

About the project

The project “S&T&I FOR 2050. Science, Technology and Innovation for Ecosystem Performance – Accelerating Sustainability Transitions” is implemented on behalf of the European Commission. The overarching ambition of this project has been to identify and map future scientific and technological developments, which can radically improve ecosystem performance. The main outcome is to provide reflections on the 2nd strategic plan of Horizon Europe (HE), in its broad direction to support the Sustainable Development Goals.

The task of the FoD project has been to identify emerging and potentially important points of convergence of sciences, technologies and innovations, and relevant policy responses that could enable EU policies for STI to strengthen ecosystem performance and accelerate sustainability transitions worldwide.

List of Achievements

Project Approach