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Walking Night (Περπατώντας στο δρόμο τη Νύχτα )


April 26, 2023

Walking Night (Περπατώντας στο δρόμο τη Νύχτα )

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A better future should be free from the serious problems of today: violence, war, hostility, rape, crimes against people by other people, all of which I would like to have reduced. Everyone’s rights to be equal regardless of their race, sexuality, gender, what they love and what they stand for. Equality of practice, not only by name, but also in practice. Equal pay, education, education in all areas that determine a person’s future. I would like to believe that other key issues such as hunger, poverty, basic human rights and the needs of the human being covered to survive will have been resolved. We will also solve one key problem: the destruction of our own planet. And if we have not solved it, we will have made very important moves to solve it by involving citizens and persuading it is an important issue of those who are now unaware of it.




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