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Aeras - by Fernanda Rocha

It is the year 2050, and 9 years ago, the MASEA (Martian Space Exploration Association) discovered Aéras, a planet 2.4 times larger than Earth, located in the constellation Libra, about 21 light-years distant from Mars. Since its discovery, this super-earth has stolen the attention of space scientists for its ideal conditions for life: an orbit to its star of 110 Earth days and a temperature that oscillates between 37 and -12 degrees Celsius, in addition to the presence of aquifers. During the first year of observation with the Galilei space telescope, the existence of animal and plant life was confirmed, which, thanks to the high amount of oxygen and gases in its atmosphere, has enormous sizes. Huge forests that rise more than 200 meters from the ground, vast lakes (since the presence of seas is nil, with 70% of the land surface) rich in minerals and provided with a completely unknown fauna; And what about the animal species, from an incredible variety of flying insects the size of a car, a species of winged reptiles that cross the skies without ever landing, to anthropomorphic beings that give evidence of living in an established society within caves, where, until that moment, it has not yet been possible to find out more about their behavior, level of development and intelligence. Six years ago, an unmanned explorer probe was sent to this planet. Thanks to new discoveries in quantum laws, MASEA scientists have managed to break space-time and exceed the speed of light in inorganic objects, so the probe is already orbiting Aéras. Within days of contact, the probe sent a disturbing coded message. It was audio with beeps and static in a sequence that clearly described some type of communication, which, two years after receiving it, has not yet been deciphered. From that moment on, NOVA TERRA, a manned exploration mission to Aéras, was launched. With a crew made up of the best space explorers from Earth and Mars, with the aim of colonizing this new super-earth, exploiting its resources and installing a biogenetics laboratory, and expanding a new human race developed in Aéras through modification and selection of genes that were capable of adapting to the conditions of this planet, just as we already did with Mars. Today in 2050, one year after NOVA TERRA took off, the message received by the probe; it has finally been decoded. A quantum computer has managed to break a lock imposed by a complex mathematical equation derived from deconstructing the laws of space-time that we thought we understood; has brought audio to an unknown frequency spectrum that defies the laws of physics, which allows it to be perceived from within the nervous system itself. The message was still confusing, as it generated an almost indescribable feeling that defies any semiotic system, but that by all the authorities by whom it was

perceived was the same:

«We have found true freedom and transcendence, at

the cost of our ancient planetary system and our

predecessors. Don't infect our new mindset, or

there will be consequences.»




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