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Inside the first self-sustainable city on Mars - by ABIBOO studio

Ready for humans in 2100

Construction of the city of Nüwa could start in 2054 and will see 250,000 people live inside the rock of a steep cliff. Freeze my body, melt me in 80 years, and send me to Mars. Architecture studio ABIBOO has revealed its plans to create the first self-sustainable city on the Red Planet, which is set to be ready for residents in 2100. The city will be called Nüwa and will be located at Tempe Mensa on one of the Martian cliffs. Its position inside a rock on the steep cliff will protect its residents from radiation and meteorites (cool!) while still giving them

access to indirect sunlight. ABIBOO’s plan is to design Nüwa to be self-sustainable. At first, it will have to rely on supplies and capital investment from Earth, but the hope is that it will eventually be able to grow using local resources only. Those living on Mars will work and live in ‘Macro Buildings’ – excavations inside the rock linked together by a network of tunnels, trains, and buses – while ‘Green Domes’ will offer artificial park-like space. At the top of the cliff is the ‘Mesa’, where manufacturing, energy generation, and food production will take place – crops will provide 50 percent of residents’ diet, with microalgae making up the rest.

Image by Rojas, Gonzalo, via




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