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The Foresighter Pledge - by Sandra Martinez Polo

She is resting in the waiting room. She has nearly three tempus before departure. She looks through the diminished reality (DR) screen. She turns on the ReWild Channel to the self-immersive experience the Greenland Ecoduct, where genomic robonimals run through an endless AI-forest that provides clean hydrogen that saved humans after nearly 30 years (or what's left) to survival. It's the only way she can relax while she drinks her favourite CBD smoothie. Suddenly, the DR vanishes and a blue-sharp hologram of a bionic human being illuminates the space. A canned voice talks: It's the year 2050. This means that my preferred future is a present. You´re about to initiate an incredible journey. We´ll meet soon, finally. You are a Foresighter, like me. You leave planet Earth, where the Apathics will remain. 30 years ago, I made my pledge to the future; there was no more to lose, yet so much to gain. COVID-19 global crisis ended in 2023. Those nations that decided to come back to old normal didn't survive. I met the Foresighters, my mentor community, those who helped me create an alternative future, that today starts to be real. I sold my properties near the beach…years after, in 2040 they will disappear due to extreme sea-level rise. I started to build my smart home, with its HomeOS based on 100% renewable solar and wind energy systems that would produce enough energy to feed my house, smart farm with AI trees, and autonomous taxy drones. I invested my capital in AgroTech, Space, Biotech and Green Tech. The first one provides us now with the food needed. The second makes your journey to Proxima b, a reality. Certainly, the greatest achievement in the Anthropocene Era, along with Bio Tech: We sent DNA of many species to ensure biodiversity on this planet ten years ago, with the purpose to develop themselves and recreate a green planet for life. All the efforts to capture, store and decrease CO2 did not succeed on time to save the Earth. Then, all the new ways to generate clean hydrogen, fusion power plants, Renewal Energy, zero carbon neutral gas, will develop on this new planet. In a few tempus your Spaceship will depart. You escape from climate migrations, from extreme local weather, from constant neurohacks attacks…. The most optimistic scenarios are a reality. Yet, another 50 years are needed to regenerate neurons and DNA in other biosystems….We still have time to see it, You still have time to feel it. Based on Tech Trends extracted from 2021 Tech Trends Report of Future Todays Institut.




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