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The New Religion - by Chiayu Hsu

Ever since the capacity of machines exceeded that of human beings, the only activity left for humans was inventions. The arts, philosophy, and religion, those innate talents which humans have practiced for thousands of years, are the last capacities which the machine will assume.

Image by Chiayu Hsu, Creepy future, via

Artists, novelists, philosophers, and theologians are now the most privileged members of society. They have assumed control of all religions. People and machines would wander around like lost sheep if they did not have the higher wisdom of artificial consciousness to rely on and lead them. The most gifted humans are well taken care of at the core of the city centre, nurtured by the grand machine. Surrounding the city centre is the inner ring, where machines and inferior humans work together to translate, develop and refine the details of the wisdom generated at the centre. They then pass them to the outer ring, which is run and inhabited by the rest of the machines.




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