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Welcome to the Futures4europe platform, the online hub for the Research and Innovation foresight community in Europe!

In a nutshell, futures4europe is:

  • The online home of the community of experts and organizations engaged in Research and Innovation (R&I) foresight;

  • A common repository of diverse foresight projects and their outcomes, educational materials and blog articles;

  • A gate of communication regarding ongoing foresight activities, events, educational and inspirational materials.

Starting November 2023, is hosted by the EU-funded project Eye of Europe, continuing the work done under the project ‘European R&I Foresight and public engagement for Horizon Europe’.

The online platform and its community welcomes:
  • Foresight practitioners, from seasoned foresighters experienced in designing ample foresight processes to emerging professionals in the field; 

  • Foresight related professionals, from futurists, speculative design experts and science-fiction writers to future sensitive artists or journalists;

  • Foresight clients, such as representatives of the European, national or regional R&I funding agencies;

  • Science & technology experts, along with other domain specialists who have been part of foresight explorations and/or are interested in contributing to such endeavours;

  • Futures enthusiasts, i.e. citizens interested in the prospects R&I can offer to society or in futures explorations in general.


The platform proposes different means of engagement:
  • Explore foresight projects, results, training materials, blog articles, and events;

  • Stay tuned. By subscribing to the newsletter, one can learn about featured projects, foresight results, discover interesting voices through interviews, join upcoming events (some with open registration); To subscribe to the newsletter, insert your email address in the field at the bottom of the page.

Registered members can additionally:

  • Disseminate foresight projects and results and thus invite the community to better know their work.

  • Contribute with blog-posts on foresight related topics, sparking reflection and debate.


Joining as a member is easy:

1) Click on Log in on the top right corner and set up your account. 

2) To post your own content, log into your account and click on your profile to post a project or a blog post. 

What lies ahead for futures4europe: 

As the community members, content and events on the platform are continuously expanding, an upgraded platform will be launched in the fall of 2024.

The new version, while preserving all existing content and profiles, will increase the visibility of organizations and personal profiles, extend and diversify its multimedia content, and provide smoother navigation of content through hypertags and AI supported search. 

Who we are
Radu Gheorghiu

Radu Gheorghiu

Eye of Europe coordinator

Laura Galante

Laura Galante

Communication & Dissemination

Susanne Giesecke

Susanne Giesecke

Foresight practices lead

Mikkel Knudsen

Mikkel Knudsen

Futures literacy lead

Christophe Thévignot

Christophe Thévignot

Communication & Dissemination lead

Bianca Dragomir

Bianca Dragomir

Platform content curator & futures literacy

Philine Warnke

Philine Warnke

Foresight pilots lead


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